The Right Team

The founders as well as the members
of the management team are all
senior executives with extensive experience. 

Chief Executive Officer

Stéphane co-founded Beam in 2015 and was instrumental in creating SLU in 2018. With 30+ years’ experience, he is an expert in natural resources and green disruptive technologies. Engineer from Ecole Centrale Paris, Stéphane was Chief Investment Officer at Société Générale Asset Management and a consultant with Elliott Advisors.

Chief Operating Officer

Susana is director of operations. With 12+ years’ experience, she is an expert in oil and gas production technology, production engineering and operations. A petroleum engineer, Susana was previously head of production technology for a joint venture between Shell and PDVSA in Venezuela. She has BS and MS in Petroleum Engineering.

Chief Technology Officer

Pierre co-founded Beam in 2015. With 20+ years’ experience, he is a geologist and expert in oil production enhancement technologies and has brought several technologies to American oilfields from countries such as Russia and the Ukraine. Pierre is managing director at Vulcain and has founded a number of companies. Engineer Ecole des Mines de Paris.

SVP, Corporate Development

Adam is responsible for business development and corporate growth. With 25+ years’ experience, he is an expert at increasing existing oil and gas production and reducing costs of operation. He has worked at Enverus, Paradigm and Objective Reservoir.

Senior Production Engineer

Tim is a senior production engineer. With 38+ years’ experience, he is a Permian Basin expert. A mechanical engineer, Tim has worked in production facilities and engineering; well stimulation; re-entry and repair; operations management; and field-testing technologies for Amoco, Altura, Oxy, Whiting Petroleum and Trinity.


Dan is a petroleum engineer. With 25+ years’ experience, he has worked for operating and consulting companies: Amerada Hess, GOM Shelf, Object Reservoir, Phoenix Exploration Company and Breitburn Energy Partners. Dan has managed reservoir engineering consulting projects in hundreds of fields across Texas, Los Angeles, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Colorado.

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